Effective Knife Storing Tips to Consider

Knife Storing

Knives are one of the necessary kitchen equipment that not only helps you to cut ingredients in various shapes and sizes but also facilitates in cutting fish and meat into fillets. There have to be one or more knives in your kitchen that you love to use but are you using them correctly? The Kitchen Calls guide will inform you about useful tips to ensure that your equipment lasts for a substantial period. It is significant to select the right types of knives for accomplishing specific kitchen tasks. You can know More Here about the vital tips to maintain the sharpness of the knives if you choose to search the web.

Do you use dishwashing gel to clean your knives?
If you are washing your knives with the same gel that you use to wash your dishes and other utensils, then stop doing it. Dishwashing gel can have an impact on the sharpness of your knives. It is one of the best ways by which you can maintain the sharpness of your cutting instruments. Always try to wash the knives with your hand but be careful when doing so. Keep the blade away from you and use a sponge to wrap it and clean it.

Wet knives can be dangerous
If you tend to leave your knives in the sink, you are unknowingly abusing it. Keeping your knife in water for a prolonged period can affect its durability. Wet knives may also lead to rust. If you keep the knives moist, you are inviting bacteria as a result of which you are compromising on your health and hygiene. If you want to keep your blades safe and sharp, you must keep it dry and clean after every use. Proper knife storing habits will also keep you away from spending a considerable sum of money.

How to store knives?
Knives are one of the delicate tools of a kitchen. For some, it may be weird, but you should know that knives demand more care than any other kitchen equipment. You should never keep your blades uncovered. Make sure that your use knife blocks or magnet strips before storing these cutting instruments in a drawer. Also, remember that you need to clean the knife blocks at regular intervals to keep your knives safe and sound.

Choosing a proper cutting board is vital
Many people prefer using glass boards to cut or chop fruits and vegetables. However, using glass cutting boards can hurt the blade of your knife. That is why choosing the right material for a chopping board is essential. When the surface of the cutting board is harder than the knifeā€™s blade, it can have an impact on the instrument. Thus, wooden boards will be the ideal choice when it comes to cutting vegetables. If you are planning to buy a wooden cutting board, then make sure that it is 2-inches more extended than the knives you use.

Using dull knives can be dangerous. Make sure that you sharpen your knives before it gets blunt. Knife sharpening tools can keep you from spending money on knives after every couple of months. There are mechanical as well as electric sharpening tools that you can opt for sharpening the blades.