The 4 Habits That Will Make You Crack Any Bar Exam

It is now a known fact that the Cal Bar Exams are the toughest to crack. For more Info on how to pass the bar exam, in any state, read the article below. We give you four habits and one tip that will help you get one step closer to becoming a practicing lawyer:

1. Do consistent studying.
2. Make it a habit of working on real MBE questions
3. Check for issues instead of creating ones.
4. Practice more instead of studying more.

The tip is to book a hotel room while taking the bar. Now we elaborate on these four habits. The first is to do something that is related to the bar exam every day. It is not easy to jump into twelve hours of studying. The answer is to build up to that time slowly. How does one do that? The key is to state with five minutes the first day and keep on adding minutes and then hours as days go on. This is called consistent studying. You are molding the body and the mind to be focused on the Bar exam every day.

Begin with just opening the MBE question book on the first day. The next day tries to solve only one or two problems, then move on to a whole page and so on and so forth. Soon you will be working the 10 to 12 hours per day. Habit is harder to break. This brings us to the next routine one must set. Keeping a consistent schedule is good. But is that process includes working on commercialized preparation tests, it is of not much use. The fake questions are harder, but they are divided by subjects and is not a test of the real exam. The key is to practice with real exam questions.

At this point, also devote yourself to reviewing all the answers. As in instead of checking the explanation for the correct option, read through all four choices – A, B, C, D. Understanding why an option was wrong, and the other right will deepen the concept. It will not help you learn the topic better but also validate your comprehension. If you run out of real MBE questions either buy more of them or re-do them.

The point of revising brings us to the next habit. Once you re-do real MBE questions, you will see a pattern. There are only a certain number of issues when it comes to a Bar exam. Because the number is finite, one should check for these issues when answering a question instead of trying to create one or spot one. Practice and habit will make a list of all the issues in your mind. So that when you are giving the test you can check this mental list for all the issues stated in the questions. This also includes the habit of practicing more than just listening to lectures or “studying” more.

The last tip to cracking a Bar exam is to book a hotel room during the three-day test. A hotel will give you the freedom to relax when you want. Trust us, during the bar all one needs, is space and solitude more than anything else.